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International Fashion Designer Kimi Verma is Redefining Glamorous Dresses for the Plus size Woman

Kimi Verma has been putting her stamp on the fashion industry for the past decade, increasingly gracing the covers of several fashion magazines and appearing in local media.

Kimi's motivation to start Kurves By Kimi comes from watching women in tears after finding the perfect dress for that special occasion only to learn that the dress was too small or didn't fit their body correctly. Watching the emotional toll this took on these women when finding a dress that they felt beautiful in was too devastating and heart-breaking for Kimi to watch. She could empathize with these women and could really feel their pain.

Many people don't realize that any model above a size 4 is considered Plus size. When the average American woman is a size 14, Sixty-Seven percent of all women who are considered to be Plus size struggle to find gorgeous dresses for special occasions.

Kimi's latest endeavor is her "Kurves By Kimi" collection for which she strives to create current and fashion forward styles that will wow you on the red carpet while still being accessible and affordable. Kimi believes that High Fashion and high quality are not just for the rich and famous, but for all ladies at all sizes. She wants to prove that iconic fashions do come in Plus sizes.

Kimi states, "I love elegance." Kimi's designs are about empowering women to express their beauty and personalities in an elegant and sophisticated way. "So when women tell me that they feel elegant, beautiful and confident wearing my designs, truly I know that I reached my goal." Her style has captivated the attention of the fashion and modeling world by presenting a signature line that stands for high quality, finesse and perfection.

Kurves By Kimi has already become a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and her designs have already been seen on the red carpet as well as many other Hollywood events.Read more at:backless evening dresses | sexy evening dresses

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