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Hoss designer Teresa Troy reminisces about early days in fashion industry

The creator of uber chic Church St boutique HOSS made her foray into fashion with a “hobby store” on Fitzroy St, St Kilda, more than 20 years ago.

A one-woman show, the store was only open on weekends because Troy already had a day job in the city.

“There was no plan,” Troy said.

“It started as a hobby and grew from that. It was all an accident.”

More an art gallery than a clothing shop, that first store brought together fashion, photography and art into one creative hub.

“It was a creative outlet and it was fun,” she said.

Today HOSS honours those roots, with Troy hand-making pieces from scratch and curating unique, high-quality pieces from other top designers.

“I fall in love with the fabric first and then I decide what I’m going to make with it,” she said.

“The fabric tells me, and then things start dancing around in my head and that’s how it all begins.”

Troy said she had seen a gap in the market for original, unique and stylish pieces, and she ran with it.

“I’d describe my clothing as very wearable, colourful and classic with a twist,” she said.

Her key to success? Quality.

“It’s the same recipe for success that keeps all good brands in business,” she said.

“I was brought up to purchase quality over quantity or you are just wasting your money really.

“I like to wear what I have for as long as it will last. The older it gets the more I like it.”

She said that while her online business was a major part of her fashion empire, she was immensely proud of her two stores — the flagship in church St and sister boutique that opened two weeks ago on Toorak Rd in South Yarra.

“You have the whole world at your doorstep with an online presence,” she said.Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/vintage-evening-dresses | http://www.marieprom.co.uk/quinceanera-dresses

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